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Affiliate FAQ

How does this work?

I'm glad you asked! I've given you a special affiliate badge of honor in my Teachable school, so you'll earn 20% of each new sale you help me make on any of my products!

How do I refer people and get credit for the sales?

Log into my Teachable school, then head over to your Affiliate dashboard by clicking Admin at the top. Simply paste a link to one of my sales pages (or any other webpage you wish) into the link generator at the bottom, and Teachable will generate a unique affiliate link for you.

When someone clicks your affiliate link, Teachable will give you credit for referring that person to me and if they buy we both win! 😊

How do I access my affiliate area?

Simply log into my Teachable school, and you should see the word Admin in your navigation bar at the top. This is where you'll find all the good stuff like your commission rate, affiliate link generator, data on any sales, additional FAQs, etc.

How does payout work?

I'll pay you for any sales via Paypal using the email address from your Teachable account.

For any sales you make, you'll earn 20% commission. When payout happens will depend if your referrals choose the one time payment option or a payment plan.

If your referrals choose the one time payment, you'll be paid out in one lump sum within a month of the sale. If they choose a payment plan, you'll be paid once the buyer pays the balance of their fee.

But don't you only launch certain courses twice a year?

You might be wondering, “What happens if I refer new people to one of your courses throughout the rest of the year?”

Great question! Although enrollment for Balanced Branding is only open for 2 weeks a year, you can use your affiliate links to refer people all year long.

Your affiliate link adds a cookie on your referral's browser that links him/her to you and lasts for 365 days (the max cookie period Teachable allows). So if your referral purchases the course within a year, then you get credit for the sale.

Two exceptions include if your referrals clear their browser cache (hence clearing all cookies) or if they click a new link from another affiliate before they purchase. This Teachable article explains these situations in more detail in case you're interested.

Are there rules for sharing?

Yes. You're required by law to disclose to your audience and any referrals that you're using an affiliate link. Affiliate disclosures are no sweat as long as you make a note somewhere obvious (at the top of your post and/or close to the link).

You can also use something #ad or #affiliate on social posts for more brevity. I find it always helps to note that you're an affiliate because you've used a product, believe in it, and want to spread the love to others so they can benefit too.

Do you have swipe files I can use to draw folks in?

You betcha!! Below you can find promo graphics you can post on social and swipe copy to help promote my products. Plus, I'll let you know any time I have a coupon code you can share as an extra incentive! 🙌

Swipe Files


Download the files ⟶

Brand Guidelines

Coming soon


Coming soon

In case still you're confused

How affiliate links work

Here's a bit more detail on how to create and optimize your affiliate links.

1. Log into your Teachable account.

2. Click “Admin” in the top navigation.

3. Paste the desired link (including the https//:) into the link generator.

This could be a link to one of my sales pages or an external link (to one of my Crowdcast live lessons for example). Don't forget to include the http:// or https:// when you paste your link.

sales page links for reference:

Illustrator Essentials

Brand Guidelines Template

Balanced Branding


Once you plug your desired URL into the link generator, you should end up with a link that looks something like this:

Internal Affiliate Link Example *


External Affiliate Link Example


Affiliate links can be pretty long and not so memorable, so the next step will help you keep track of them .

4. Use a link shortener like to shorten your affiliate links.

I'd recommend signing up for a free account so you can track URL clicks and customize your URLs to make them something easier to remember and keep track of.

5. Use your links to share the love!

When sharing your affiliate links, don't forget to include some of your own story and experience with my products. People will resonate with why you signed up, what you were looking to gain, how you benefited from the product, etc.

Other questions?

I'm so grateful to have you as an affiliate, and can't wait to reward you for helping me spread the love!

Happy Sharing!