How to Set Your Brand Apart

How to Set Your Brand Apart - transform could-be customers into brand ambassadors

How do you take potential clients and transform them into loyal customers? Better yet, how do you foster trust and create brand ambassadors? The key is to set your brand apart from the sea of other people doing what you do, and these 2 factors will help you do just that.


It just takes quality and consistency. Yep, I'm cutting right to the chase here, folks. Setting your brand apart isn't complex. In theory, it's actually very simple. Quality and consistency. That's it.

Here's how it works. When you provide unique value, that gets you noticed and attracts potential customers. If you keep providing value consistently, they'll associate you with that value and keep coming back for more. They'll become confident in your brand, and they'll invest their time and much more. Eventually you'll earn their trust. When you consistently deliver, it strengthens that trust and breeds loyalty.

Brand ambassadors are much more than happy customers.

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Seems simple enough, right? The tricky part comes with the follow-through. After all, it's not quality OR consistency that creates an amazing brand experienceIt's quality AND consistency.

Brand Ambassadors

What are these brand ambassadors you keep hearing about? Brand ambassadors are much more than happy customers. They're so thrilled with your brand that they can't wait to spread the word about it. They're fully invested—they're believers. They'll write testimonials and reviews, tweet it, post it, gram it, and give you all of the stars.

Brand ambassadors are absolutely golden when it comes to helping your brand thrive. How do you create some of your own? You guessed it—provide high quality, consistent value.

How Customers Become Loyal Brand Ambassadors

Defining Value

But what the heck do you mean by value, Melissa?

Value comes in many forms. It doesn't always need to be life-changing, but in all cases should be helpful to your customers—even if that just means brightening their day. Here are some examples of ways you can introduce consistent value to your brand.

  • High quality products and/or services
  • A consistently amazing customer experience
  • Beautiful, cohesive branding that speaks to your dream customers
  • Regularly publishing helpful content (blog posts, eCourses, tutorials, webinars)
  • Swoon-worthy visuals (photography, lettering, icons, illustrations)
  • Inspirational graphics, quotes, and messages

You don't have to tackle every single one of these at once, especially if you're just starting out. The key is to start small and deliver quality consistently in everything you do—every product, platform, and portfolio piece. When you center your brand around serving your customers and making their lives better, it makes it easy to sell what you do. Not only will your brand survive, it will flourish.