Sattwa Chai — Brand Style

That's right! I've got an exciting new branding project in the works, this time for a premium organic chai brand called Sattwa Chai. I'm especially thrilled to be partnering with the inspiring ladies that run this family-owned company, and can't wait to transform this brand's story into a new stunningly strategic identity!


Authentic, Joyful, Passionate & Human

Sattwa Chai - Brand Style

Sattwa Chai - Brand Style

For Sattwa Chai's brand style, you'll notice natural images that allude to a rich history, story, and global influences. The photos feel very warm and human, as does the graphic inspiration which has an imperfect aesthetic that’s visibly handmade and absolutely charming. The color palette is warm and neutral, centering around gold complemented by a cooler midnight blue and turquoise tones. This will look great with the sienna color of the chai. The woman in the center represents the brand's target customer (the chai drinker) as the central focus, and the contentment and joyful lifestyle Sattwa Chai encourages.

Stay tuned for more on this one as it unfolds. Cheers!