Do Something Else

Do Something Else - banishing creative block & finding renewal

For the last couple weeks, I've been heads down grinding away at my Illustrator Essentials course (launching July 10th). As you know, I'm a huge advocate of balance in life and business, but even I can acknowledge that there's a time to hustle when things just need to get done. That said, I've found one thing is my saving grace when the deadlines and creative block come calling.

As creative folks and small business owners, we love what we do. As a result, it's hard to separate our work from our life, making it so easy to think that each to-do is make-or-break for our brands and any hiccups are the end of the world. When we're frustrated or blocked creatively, we spend hours banging our heads against a wall and trying to muscle through. But there's a better way.

Do Something Else

I've found that when my business gets overwhelming or I'm having trouble focussing on my work, the best thing I can do is step away and do something else. For me, this is yoga but it could be anything—walking, napping, playing with your kids, meditating, running, reading—whatever brings you joy (and maybe releases some endorphins too).

The key is putting 100% of my mind and effort into something else for a while. This gives me the satisfaction of a job well done in some other facet of my life, allows me to release my frustrations in a healthy way, and puts the work I do in perspective. It reminds me that my business is just one facet of my life. And although it's important, it isn't everything.

Get up, and go do something else. It may be exactly what you need.

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That reminder seems to clear any blocks I've been experiencing and has me rocking through my to-do's afterward at twice the speed. Which is why on the days when “I don't have time” or haven't done enough to “earn” taking a break, that's when I need to step away most.

So the next time you're feeling blocked or like you're running in circles, just stop. Get up, and go do something else. It may be exactly what you need.

What brings you joy outside of your brand? Let me know in the comments below!