The Illustrator Essentials Launch

The Illustrator Essentials Launch Schedule

As you may have already heard, I'm taking a new approach to launching my Illustrator Essentials course. I leaked the course landing page a week before launch and I'm not going to run a bunch of ads or try to hard-sell anyone once enrollment opens.

Instead, I'm hosting a series of giveaways and live interviews to celebrate the launch, support other small businesses I believe in, and introduce you to some incredibly inspiring brands in the process. I'm so excited to share all of this with you today!

The giveaways will run on Instagram during the 2 week enrollment period for the course, accompanied by 6 live interviews with the contributing brands. These folks are amazing designers and creatives, and I can't wait to chat with them about their journeys in design and business, as well as how they utilize vector graphics for their brands.

Who's in on this launch party?

The contributing brands are Sidecar, Restored 316, Rowan MadeSuper Team Deluxe, Misc. Goods Co, Forefathers, and Ugmonk. Endless thanks to these amazing people for their faith and support for what I'm building. 🙏

The Launch Schedule

I'm thrilled to finally share the Illustrator Essentials launch schedule with you—including all the giveaways and my exclusive live interviews! You can snag your spots for the interviews all in one place, or sign up individually below.

Note that these interviews will be free to attend and will not include a salesy pitch at the end. It's just me casually chatting with awesome people about our experience as small business owners and the things that inspire us.

Once you register for the interviews, you can post any questions you'd like to ask my guests on the respective interview pages and vote for the ones you want to see answered. The interview links will also be the same for replays later, in case you can't make the live chat. 

Now! Without any further ado, I give you the launch schedule!
... drum roll ...

— Monday, July 10th —

🎉  Enrollment opens!! 🎉
8am eastern

Giveaway #1
Monday, July 10th


Plus a chat with
Bill S. Kenney & Alicja Colon

3pm eastern

Giveaway #2
Wednesday, July 12th

Restored 316

Plus a chat with
Lauren Gaige

3pm eastern

Giveaway #3
Friday, July 14th

Super Team Deluxe

Plus a chat with
Breanna Rose of Rowan Made

4pm eastern

Giveaway #4
Monday, July 17th

Misc. Goods Co.

Plus a chat with
Tyler Deeb

3pm eastern

Tuesday, July 18th

A chat with
Rogie King & Justin Mezzell

2pm eastern

Giveaway #5
Wednesday, July 19th


Plus a live chat with yours truly, covering anything you want from brand design and running a small business, to my launch approach for Illustrator Essentials and how it's going!

3pm eastern

Giveaway #6
Wednesday, July 21st


Plus a chat with
Jeff Sheldon

3pm eastern

— Sunday, July 23rd —

✌️  Enrollment closes!! ✌️
8pm eastern

Got Questions?

Finally, if you've got questions about the course, I'd recommend checking out the FAQ section on the course homepage first. However, if you can't find the answer you're looking for just leave a comment below and I'll be happy to help out!

In the meantime, I'll be on the other end of this screen, waiting anxiously for Monday!