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Why I'm Launching Without a Logo

For a long time this feeling had been weighing on me—the feeling that I'd outgrown my website and branding. They no longer felt like a good stylistic match for my business. They lacked the depth and complexity I pride myself on building into my clients’ brands. Not to mention, I just plain ran out of room.

Times They were A Changin’

You see, my business has evolved a lot since 2016 and the things that were important to me then were getting in the way of more important areas where I feel called to grow today. I launched my Illustrator Essentials course last July and realized that I had no space for it. I had all these exciting new offerings in the wings and nowhere they could call home.

All of these factors combined to tell me one thing. It was time for a change.

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Living, Learning & Launching - Part 1

For the last few months, I've been working pretty much nonstop on my premier online course, Illustrator Essentials. This course has been over a year in the making, and all that “making” has been filled with more ups and downs than I can count.

Throughout this massive rollercoaster of an endeavor, each victory and hiccup has seemed life-altering. But as the close of my first launch of the course grows near, I'm finding it much easier to look back and recognize the lessons that matter most from this journey.

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The Illustrator Essentials Launch

As you may have already heard, I'm taking a new approach to launching my Illustrator Essentials course. I leaked the course landing page a week before launch and I'm not going to run a bunch of ads or try to hard-sell anyone once enrollment opens.

Instead, I'm hosting a series of giveaways and live interviews to celebrate the launch, support other small businesses I believe in, and introduce you to some incredibly inspiring brands in the process. I'm so excited to share all of this with you today!

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Creative South 2017 Recap

This past week I had the enormous privilege to return to Columbus, GA for my second Creative South! While the weather and Delta airlines gave us a bit of a hard time getting there (in varying degrees), it was well worth the haul to reunite with my creative family and connect with lots of new friends too!

Came as Friends

Beyond the awesome workshops and incredibly inspiring speakers, there's something so magical about connecting in person with other creative souls that really understand the struggles and victories we deal with on a daily basis, and to finally meet those friends from the internet.

Speaking of speakers, the line-up was killer and so full of insight, passion, and vulnerability. For those of you who didn't attend (and even those who did and just want to take a trip down memory lane), I thought I'd share my favorite quotes and takeaways from the talks this year.

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Introducing Illustrator Essentials!

I'm so excited to share what I've been working so hard on over the last couple months... my first eCourse! That's right—in the next couple months I'll be releasing my very own course teaching creative folks how to harness Adobe Illustrator for their brand needs. It's going to be called... wait for it... Illustrator Essentials!

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2016: Year in Review

Note: It's been my privilege to deliver fresh brand insights to you each week for over a year. However, my recent holiday hiatus has fostered some new clarity for my priorities and goals for 2017. These require lots of time and focus. As a result, I'll be scaling my blogging efforts back to a couple times each month.

During this time, I encourage you to revisit my archive of posts since your 2017 self may need some reminders and discover new nuggets of wisdom you missed the first time around. I'm excited to continue bringing you new content this year and can't wait to see what this year holds for all of us!

Looking Back at 2016

Seeing all the recaps of 2016 from my favorite brands and talented friends, I've been inspired to do one of my own. Plus, as my amazing friend and accountability partner Alicja Colon pointed out to me, this will give me a snapshot of my first year (and the years that follow) to look back on as my business grows and evolves.

So without further ado, I give you my review of 2016!

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It's the Most Wonderful Time to Unplug

The holidays should be a time of loving, giving, and soaking in lots of quality time with the ones that matter most. Many of us (myself included) get so wrapped up in our own agendas and bottom lines that we forget—we forget the real reason for the season.

My first year in business has been such an amazing whirlwind and sharing weekly branding insights has introduced me to such an amazing community of passionate small business owners and entrepreneurs. However, as Christmas approaches I'm recognizing that I need some time to rest, recharge, and dedicate to loving on my dear ones. So in light of this holiday season, I've decided to take my own advice, slow down, and unplug for the rest of the year.

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