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Demystifying Specialty Print Methods

Don't ever let anyone tell you print is dead. In this digital age, having something tangible to represent your brand is more important than ever. Designing stunning stationery is one of my absolute favorite facets of brand design. Not only is lovely stationery nice to hold, but it can make some powerful statements about your brand too!

Let's dig into some print terms, my favorite print methods, and what you need to know about them. When it comes to stationery and collateral, the sky is the limit and there are LOTS of variables to consider. So for simplicity's sake, let's limit the discussion here to business cards.

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Getting Noticed with Fancy Print Methods

Letterpress, embossing, die cut, foil stamped—any of these sound familiar? You've probably heard of some of these specialty print methods before. I began my design career in the wedding industry, mainly because gorgeously fancy stationery is one of my most favorite things. However, when I shifted my focus to branding that's when I realized just how special it could be.

I know what you're thinking. Yes, these methods can be a bit pricey. But much like a quality logo and brand identity, these techniques do more than get you noticed. The magic of specialty print methods is that they make very powerful statements about your brand, without even showing your product or mentioning your service. So let's do a bit of digging into what makes specialty print methods so special.

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