Function Coffee Labs

philadelphia, pa

Function Coffee Labs - logo, brand identity design, & signage by Melissa Yeager

Function Coffee Labs provides specialty-grade coffee the way it’s meant to be tasted, unleashing the inherent flavors most coffee bags promise but never really deliver. They deliver a high quality product and tailored experience, bringing Philadelphia’s coffee-loving community together, educating them, and promoting a slower, more mindful way of life.


  • Independent-minded, socially responsible, quality conscious & locally oriented individuals. Their adventurous and independent spirit urges them to steer away from the beaten path in search of high-quality, unique experiences.

brand essence

Function Coffee Labs prepares only the finest specialty coffee using great care & science.

The Function Coffee Labs brand is

friendly, authentic, mindful & warm

Function Coffee Labs - logo, brand identity design, & signage by Melissa Yeager