Lauren Gaige - Restored 316

Deciding to work with Melissa is probably one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made in my 8 years in business. As someone who also does design, I was hesitant in the beginning to hire out and completely let go of that design process to someone else, but time and time again I’ve been shown that I absolutely made the right decision.

Lauren Gaige • Restored 316


 Lora of Laurel & Elm

I've made so many new friends in the wedding industry and even clients from conversations that started because of my logo. I cannot thank Melissa enough for the time she took to capture the essence of my company so well! Her excellent communication skills and professionalism are the icing on the cake to her uniquely custom design approach. Needless to say, I cannot recommend Melissa enough as a designer or a person! Trust in her and you will not be disappointed!

Lora Horst • Laurel & Elm


 Meg & Ross of Function Coffee Labs

Melissa was amazing to work with. We were reluctant to invest in our brand, but she assured us it would be worth it and she helped us to understand the significance of working with a branding professional. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome... It was such an amazing experience to watch our brand come to life from nothing.

Melissa taught us that our brand could appear established and sophisticated even though we are just starting out. Without Melissa’s expertise, we wouldn’t feel proud or excited to paint our logo on the exterior of our building - heck, we’d probably still be wondering what our logo was going to look like even though we’re a month from opening!

Meg & Ross • Function Coffee Labs


 Drew Lepp of Drew Lepp Designs

Melissa is such a design superstar.  I adore the creativity, thoughtfulness and energy she brings to every project, all while paying careful attention to important business goals. Opening up design files from Melissa is like getting invited to a party with all your best friends — I can never contain my excitement and I never want the magical fun to end! I would recommend Melissa to anybody looking to create professional, elegant, thoughtful designs and have some fun along the way.

Drew Lepp • UX Designer


 The Madious

Melissa was patient and determined enough to help us work through the design until there was no compromise at all and we are both gloriously happy with the end result. Our business cards are, frankly, awesome!  They are interesting, creative, and high-end looking.  Each time we hand one out, the response is always the same...“Wow!” Finally, we feel like our branding truly represents us and our work. Many thanks, Melissa!

Kristiaan & Lionel Madiou • The Madious


 Kristianne Koch Riddle

It was a great experience working with Melissa. She was thoughtful and encouraging yet held back enough to let me think through what I really wanted. She helped me narrow down my flood of ideas and thoughts and designed exactly what I had hoped for—a fun and casual yet proficient looking brand.

Kristianne Koch Riddle • Photographer


 Stephen Holm Motion + Stills

Melissa’s work and insight was essential in the branding and identity of my company. When I started working with her, I had two companies with disparate looks and identities. With Melissa’s help, I was able to merge the two into one cohesive brand. She not only gave me a new design to go with that brand, but helped me narrow my creative focus and realize what my goals were for the business. 

Melissa didn’t come to the table with any preconceived ideas. She asked insightful questions that resulted in something I’m proud to show my clients.

Stephen Holm • Stephen Holm Motion + Stills


 Elea Chang of Affect Conf

Given my picky nature, I wasn’t expecting the design process to be smooth. Not only did Affect end up with beautiful branding, but the development turned out to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to use the logotype everywhere!



 Holly Gardner

I was really excited about working with Melissa for the design of a new logo because I'd seen her work (which speaks for itself) and chatted with her previously. What she delivered surpassed my highest expectations though. She made the whole process as painless as possible and responded thoughtfully to every question and concern I had. In the end, she created a logo that I feel fits not only my personality, but how I'd like my work to be perceived—timeless, personable, colorful and clean.

Holly Gardner • Photographer


 Alex Ostebo

Working with Melissa is like having your own personal magician, business coach and cheerleader. Building a brand from scratch can be intimidating but Melissa is so encouraging and eager to give you guidance along the way that it makes you feel more confident. Melissa goes above and beyond for her clients and does not rest until she gives you the best product. If I had to do it over again I’d choose Melissa every time.

Alex Ostebo • Creative Picnic



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