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My Branding Process

I’ve worked hard to fine-tune my signature branding process over the years to ensure that I’m able to produce the best work and results I can for my beloved clients. Your trust in my expertise means the world!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you!

Branding Phases

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1. Discovery

Our work together begins with me getting to know you and your brand as well as possible. You'll begin by completing my comprehensive brand questionnaire and then we'll follow up with our Kickoff Call to discuss.

The Kickoff Call

During this video call, we'll review the brand questionnaire and I'll ask even more questions to clarify your branding needs, vision, and goals. We'll also review any stylistic inspiration you've shared and talk about what's next. Hint: it's the strategy phase!

2. Brand Strategy

After our Kickoff Call, I’ll distill the answers from your brand questionnaire and everything we’ve discussed so far into a one page brand strategy and accompanying brand style board. This sets the foundation for your new brand and will guide the rest of our work together.

At this time, you'll also decide which pieces of collateral you'd like me to create for you. Three collateral items are included in the scope, but I'm always happy to create more!

See a brand strategy example >>>

One round of refinement is included in this phase. Additional rounds will be billed at $125/hr and will delay the schedule accordingly.

3. Identity Design

Next I'll use your brand strategy as the guiding light to create your new logo and brand identity design using my signature one concept approach.

The Round 1 Presentation

The first proof takes the most time to create since I’m building your new brand identity from scratch and translating your brand strategy into a living breathing brand. Once the first proof is ready, I insist on walking you through it for the first time personally. Seeing my clients’ reactions to their new brands for the first time is one of my favorite things!

See an example of a brand identity proof >>>

Collaboration & Refinement

Once you've had some time to let the designs marinate and share your feedbback, we'll work together to refine the identity designs until they're just the right fit for your brand. After the first proof, any additional proofs will be shared via Asana and any additional calls will be scheduled as needed.

Two rounds of refinement are included in this phase. Additional rounds will be billed at $125/hr and will delay the schedule accordingly.

What's included in your brand identity?

Logos + Marks

Your brand identity includes primary and secondary logos, as well as accompanying marks. I include these variations since it's essential for your new branding to be versatile and flexible for your needs. That means it will fit where you need it — whether that’s at the top of your website, in a social media circle, or shrunk to a tiny favicon in your website tab.


This includes a set of primary and secondary colors, as well as examples of how these will work together throughout your brand. Consistent color makes such a difference in building a strong, cohesive brand!

Custom Brand Pattern / Motif

I’ve found that a custom pattern or illustration goes the extra mile in adding another stunning piece to your brand toolkit and is such an unexpected delight for your audience. This one-of-a-kind design will come in handy everywhere from stationery to social media and so many other places!


I’ll select a set of typefaces that will look amazing with your new branding and will demonstrate how these should be used in your brand proofs as well as your brand guidelines. This generally includes a primary heading, 2 subheadings, a normal body text style, and a quote style.


This includes translating your new branding into a social media avatar and banner design (think Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn).

4. Collateral

Once you approve the brand identity designs, we'll move into the collateral phase. During this stage, I'll translate your new branding into the 3 collateral pieces of your choice. You can also add additional pieces if you'd like, since they can be so helpful while launching and using your new brand — not to mention it will cost less to design everything together rather than save small items for later.

What's collateral?

Collateral may include business cards, a set of custom icons (up to 5), an email newsletter template, stationery items, instagram post templates (up to 5), a blog graphic template, hang tags, enamel pins, mugs, stickers, t-shirts, an invoice template, a pricing sheet, etc.

Two rounds of refinement are included in this phase. Additional rounds will be billed at $125/hr and will delay the schedule accordingly.

5. Delivery

Once your identity and brand collateral have been approved, I'll create your final files and brand guidelines. Once I send these your way, we'll have our Conclusion Call to review everything and you'll be ready to share your stunning new brand with the world!

See a brand guidelines example >>>

Final Files

I include all your brand files in both print and web-friendly formats so your brand is ready to use as soon as you receive it!

Brand Guidelines

This master document is a comprehensive look at all your brand files, where to find them, and how to best use your brand so it will really shine. My brand guidelines document is so thorough and helpful that other designers requested that I sell it as a template to help them better deliver for their own branding clients.

Conclusion Call

This final video chat is where I’ll walk you through your brand guidelines and how they coordinate with your final brand files. We’ll review your branding experience and talk about what’s next!


And Beyond

Your New Brand Partner

Your signature brand identity is only the beginning! Once this strategically stunning foundation is complete, I’m available for all your brand design needs and would love nothing more than to continue our partnership with new projects.

What else can I create for your brand?

Packaging, signage, website design, stationery, social media graphics, digital templates, branded documents, and so much more! Want to see examples of these I've created for other brands? Just ask!

I can’t wait to begin our brand partnership!

Odds & Ends

Limited Availability

I prioritize delivering an exceptional brand design experience and my undivided attention to each one of my clients during our time together. Because of this immersive approach, I only take on one new branding client at a time and a limited number of projects each year. That said, I’d love to welcome you to my list of beloved clients!

The One Concept Approach

I take the one concept approach to brand identity design. This means that instead of designing logo options, I’ll do the work to discover what’s most important for your brand and translate this strategic vision into one comprehensive and cohesive brand identity that will work wonders for your business. We’ll work together to refine this identity (if necessary) until it’s a perfect fit for your business.


One round of refinement is included in the strategy phase. Two are included in the identity and collateral design phases. Additional rounds of refinement will be billed at $125/hr and will delay the project schedule accordingly.

Payment Schedule

Billing is divided into 4 payments spread throughout our project, with 1 payment due up front before we begin and the final balance due before I deliver your final files.

Project Management

All of our project correspondence will take place using my beloved project management software, Asana. This keeps us on the same page with everything in one place, and makes it easy to find what we need throughout our work together.

Schedule + Availability

Our entire project timeline will be organized before we begin, so you know exactly when I’ll be delivering things and when I need something from you. I ask that you treat our schedule with the same respect I have for your valuable time.

What’s Included

  • Brand strategy

  • Primary + secondary logos

  • Brand marks

  • Custom pattern / motif

  • 3 pieces of collateral

  • Color palette

  • Font system

  • Social media profile design

  • Brand guidelines

  • Print + web-ready final files

The Timeline

Before we begin

  • Contract signed

  • Deposit paid

  • Brand questionnaire completed

week 1

  • Kickoff Call

  • Brand Strategy - Round 1

week 2

  • Brand Strategy feedback due

  • Final Brand Strategy approved

week 3

Brand identity design in progress

week 4

  • Branding - Round 1 Presentation Call

week 5

  • Branding - Round 1 feedback due

  • Branding - Round 2

week 6

  • Branding - Round 2 feedback due

  • Branding - Final Round

week 7

  • Branding - Final approval due

  • Collateral questionnaire due

week 8

  • Collateral - Round 1

  • Collateral - Round 1 feedback due

week 9

  • Collateral - Round 2

  • Collateral - Round 2 feedback due

week 10

  • Collateral - Final Round

  • Collateral - Final approval due

week 11

  • Balance paid

  • Brand guidelines

  • Final files delivered

week 12

  • Conclusion Call

Please note: Your individual branding schedule may vary depending on your start date.

 Ready to move forward?

The next step is to schedule an introduction call so we can get acquainted and I can answer any questions you have. This is where your branding journey begins!

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Melissa pulled out all these thoughts inside of us (some we didn’t even know were there) with these beautiful prompts, taking our crazy unorganized chaos and turning it into the most delightful branding journey (no really, it was a delight) where we walked away with a genuine expression of our brand and an organized and detailed way to incorporate it.

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