My Branding Approach

I'm a firm believer that your brand's identity is much more than just a logo—it's the strategy behind it and the way it comes to life throughout your packaging, products, website, and collateral. In a strong brand identity, each piece is unique yet they all feel at home in one brand and work together to tell an amazing story.

holistic branding

Through my experience, I've found that my work is the most successful and meaningful when I can help you tell the whole story. This is why I take a holistic approach to branding—crafting your logo and brand from the ground up. First I partner with my clients to find the right strategy for their business and lay the foundation of logo and visual identity for their brand.

Once our strategically stunning foundation is built, I love creating ongoing partnerships with my clients so we can continue bringing their brand to life in new and exciting ways.


Starting around $6,000 (for brand strategy, logo + brand identity design, and 3 pieces of collateral). Submit an inquiry for additional scope and pricing details.


8+ weeks




My Branding Process

1. Discovery

During this phase, I'll ask you lots of questions so I can get to know your business and vision on a deeper level. We’ll cover your story, target audience, inspiration, and other details that make your brand stand out from the competition. This phase will culminate in a kickoff meeting where we'll catch up on skype to get more closely acquainted, talk through the questionnaire, clarify anything that's unclear, and share the excitement for what's to come!

2. Brand Strategy

I'll review all of my notes from our discussions as well as your branding questionnaire and will distill all of that down into your very own brand strategy. This will cover the style for your brand (in the form of a moodboard) and 1-page summary of the creative direction. It will cover things like target audience, tone, goals, color palette and creative considerations. One round of refinement is included. Once finalized, this will act as a roadmap, guiding the rest of our work together.

3. Design

With the brand strategy and stylistic direction in place, I'll craft design solutions that will speak to your vision, attract your dream clients, and work wonders for your business. I take the one-concept approach to brand design, trying out various directions in the initial stages of my exploration then digging deep and delivering the single best solution for your business vision and goals.

I'll present the first proof via skype, walking you through my rationale and talking through each facet of the design along the way. The presentation will include your primary logo, secondary logo, and primary mark that can be sprinkled throughout your brand collateral. Having multiple variations of your logo allows your branding to be flexible for your needs and for cases when you have more or less real estate to work with (ex. on your website vs. a business card or letterhead). The 1st proof will also include your brand palette and pattern design (depending on the package you choose).

4. Refinement

After I've presented the 1st proof, you'll provide feedback regarding what aspects of the branding are really resonating with you and what (if anything) may need some adjusting. Brand design is an iterative process and my #1 priority is to create branding that's 100% right for your business, so you don't have to worry about hurting my feelings. It's most important to me that I know if something feels off, so I can make adjustments and fine-tune your designs to make them a perfect fit for your brand.

Two rounds of refinement are included. Any additional rounds will be billed at $104/hour.

5. Collateral

Next I’ll design the collateral pieces of your choosing to supplement your brand. Production costs of any printed collateral are not included in the package price.

Two rounds of refinement are included. Additional rounds will be billed at $104/hour.

Brand Collateral may include:

Business cards, notecard + envelope,  postcard, letterhead + envelope, pricing sheet, enamel pins, hang tags, stickers, t-shirts, buttons, up to 5 custom icons, instagram quote or announcement template, workbook cover template, blog graphic template, 1-page worksheet template

6. Delivery

With your beautiful new branding approved, I'll deliver your brand guidelines and final files. The guidelines will come in pdf form and will cover your logo, color palette, font pairing recommendations, brand rationale, and other brand assets.

Delivery will include files for print and web resolution, in black and white as well as color, and in the following file types: ai, eps, jpg, png. Final files for any collateral pieces will be delivered in whatever form is appropriate (print or digital).



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