Sattwa Chai

the tea that stirs the maker

Sattwa Chai - logo & brand identity design crafted by Melissa Yeager

For over 20 years, Sattwa Chai has provided premium chai in every cup of their microbrewed chai concentrate and loose leaf dry tea, using only the finest organic and fair trade ingredients.

Brand Essence

In a world of cheap imitation chai brands, Sattwa Chai microbrews each batch of their premium chai to ensure a perfectly balanced flavor profile that’s easy to brew, delicious, and true to tradition.


  • Chai drinkers who desire affordable luxury and experiences they can savor amidst their busy lives

  • Coffee shops who need a chai brand that matches the quality of their coffee, has a stylistic tone that’s cohesive with their aesthetics, and makes it easy to brew a consistently balanced, high quality product

  • Distributors (to restaurants and coffee shops) seeking to balance quality and price point

The sattwa chai brand is

authentic, joyful, passionate & human

Sattwa Chai - logo & brand identity design crafted by Melissa Yeager