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The One Concept Approach

Like any other profession, it's taken years of experience to transform me into the designer I am today. My college years taught me how to think and solve problems (and of course the in's and out's of design software). The first years of post-grad life were all about honing those skills, getting experience working with clients, and becoming more efficient with my work. However, it took another few years for me to figure out the best process for how I'd work with my clients.


Early on, projects involved me creating as many solid logo options as I could for my clients. However, with experience I noticed that this led to more indecision for my clients, a seemingly endless cycle of “tweaks” and revisions, and me left feeling like more of a puppet than a problem-solver.

Next I transitioned to presenting three initial logo options with limited rounds of refinement. This seemed to work better, but I could tell that something was still off. I either felt that one was a stronger solution than the rest or all my ideas could reach farther if they could be united somehow.

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