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Do you work with existing logos?

No. I take a holistic approach to brand design, building identities from the ground up. This includes brand strategy and logo design, which are included in my Signature Brand Identity package. This package is the starting point for all my new branding clients.

What if I just want a logo?

I take a holistic approach to branding and won't design just a logo. I've found that my branding work is the most successful for my clients when I'm able to craft an immersive brand experience from the ground up through a full brand identity.

How long does branding take?

My Signature Brand Identity package typically takes 10-12 weeks. The timeline will vary accordingly if additional services are added on.

What is collateral?

I define collateral as stationery, templates, additional graphics, and other physical or digital assets for your brand. My Signature Brand Identity package includes 3 pieces of collateral, and I guide my clients to determine which pieces will have the greatest impact based on their brand needs.

Collateral may include business cards, custom icons, an email newsletter template, stationery items, instagram post templates, a blog graphic template, hang tags, enamel pins, mugs, stickers, t-shirts, a pricing sheet, etc.

Why 3 pieces of collateral?

My Signature Brand Identity package includes 3 pieces of collateral. Additional pieces can be added on, but I insist on at least 3.

The reason is that designing these pieces helps me test out the brand identity as I create it so I can ensure it works well and looks stunning in the wild. They also provide my clients with tangible examples of how their beautiful new branding should be used, as well as some well-designed items they can use right away in their business.

Do you have any smaller offerings?

Yes! I offer clarity calls, online courses, and premium design resources. If we're a good fit, you can even sign on for the brand strategy portion of my branding process separate from my Signature package.

Visit my Services page and Shop to learn more.

Do you design websites?

For my existing brand clients, yes. My Signature Brand Identity package is the gateway to the rest of my services, which includes website design. Once you've signed on for this package you can can add all kinds of additional services such as signage, packaging, and website design.

Do you accept guest blog posts?

Not at this time.

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