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Slowing Down

Whether you own your own business or not, we all experience overwhelm sometimes. Our culture is constantly applying the pressure for us to ramp up, do more, work harder, and optimize every minute of our lives. And to be completely honest, most of that pressure comes straight from our own heads.

We're constantly telling ourselves that we're not doing enough—that we're not enough. I'm just as guilty of these feelings as anyone else. There are definitely times when I let stress, anxiety, and expectations—my own and those of others—get the best of me. But over the last few months, I've been really trying to take my own advice and slow down.

Creating Space for Renewal

For those moments when you're feeling tired, uninspired, and drained the solution isn't always to keep pushing on and grinding yourself down. Sometimes the best way to get back on the right track is to slow down and create some margin from your usual routine. How will that help? These 6 steps to slowing down will show you just that and more.

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Getting It All Done

Time—there's never enough of it. Most days it feels like you can never be productive enough, always chasing that list of to-do's in your head. It's a maddening board game—advance 1 space, then back 3. Check one thing off, only to replace it with five more.

It seems that our time is in ever shorter supply, especially around the holidays. You've got all these goals and aspirations—for the new year, for your brand, for your life. Yet you just can't seem to find time for them, and there's this avalanche of other things that keeps caving in.


Well, I've got three mantras that could be the answer to your struggles. These revelations are the magic that keep my own avalanche at bay. I can't promise you it will be easy, but you can create more time in your days. You can get it all done. Think I'm out of my mind? Read on.

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