The Right Time to Rebrand


Rebranding is a tough business—trust me, I know. In June, I tied the knot on one of the best days of my life. Since then, I've been making the slow transition of legally changing my name from Melissa Ginsiorsky to Melissa Yeager (seriously, I'm pretty sure I'll be at this for years). With this monumental life change, it became very clear that a personal rebrand was in order.

My rebrand meant more than reinventing my visual identity. It meant changing the name by which quite literally everyone knew me—no small task. We'll delve into the challenge of changing your brand name in a future post, but for now let's focus on identifying the right time for a rebrand.

Rebrand Fever

We've discussed that it takes a lot of work to establish a cohesive brand. Yet once you're rocking consistent brand standards and optimized templates, it can get old. It can be easy to get bored of your own brand. You're sick of seeing the same thing over and over, and you assume your audience must be too. Well, they're probably not.

The Lion, the Witch, & Your Wardrobe

Think about your wardrobe for a second. You open your closet and see the same clothes every day. You're probably tired of them. There are days when you honestly consider trashing the whole lot and starting over with a new style.

Then you wear something you've had for what feels like forever, and something crazy happens. A good friend, family member, or coworker compliments it. Wait, what? You're pretty sure they've seen you in this exact outfit before, and they probably have.

It's about making your brand familiar in a bottomless sea of options.

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Drowning in Brands

The wardrobe scenario is a lot like a day in the life with your brand. You see your branding every day and interact with it more than anyone, so it's natural that it might feel stale or boring to you at times. However, in most cases your audience doesn't feel that way.

Nowadays we're bombarded with countless brands every single day, which can be completely overwhelming. As a result, your branding isn't just about whether or not your people like it—it's about making your brand familiar in a bottomless sea of options. To them, your brand is more than consistent. It's comforting. It's reliable.

Just Rock It

Just like the clothes in your closet that are still new and different even to close friends, sometimes you need to get out of your own head and rock what you've got. Does this mean there's never a good reason to rebrand and you're stuck with your branding forever? Absolutely not.

Carpe that Rebrand

There are definitely times when rebranding will become a necessity. After all, your branding should radiate the essence of your business. The awesome ladies of the Being Boss Podcast describe it as the first layer of your brand that people encounter, and the one that helps them decide if they want to dig deeper.

If your branding no longer represents your business well (or maybe never did), it's time for a rebrand. There are two main factors that will bring this to your attention.

  1. Growth • If you're patient and persistent, there will come a point where your business will grow beyond your goals and what you imagined it could be. If your branding can't accommodate that growth and better branding will boost your growth even more, rebrand!

  2. Change • Whether it be a shift in focus, new revelation, or unexpected opportunity, if your branding no longer fits your vision and aligns with your goals—you guessed it! Rebrand!

Embrace it

These catalysts can come in many forms—a big break, dream partnership, a wedding, or even a growing family. It can be easy to be discouraged when what you're working with isn't working anymore. The important thing to remember is that you're never stuck, and this challenge is an awesome opportunity. Embrace it and use this exciting time to create the brand of your dreams!

If you find yourself in need of a rebrand, drop me a line. From a handcrafted logo to full-blown visual identity, I'll help you bring your vision to life and we'll have a blast in the process. I'd love to help you tell your story.