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How to Write Better Website Content

In our digital age, having a beautiful, mobile-friendly website is essential. It's how your dream customers will find you and where they'll go to learn more about what you do. But once you have their attention, how do you get them to stick around? When people's attention spans are shorter than ever, how do you get people to actually to read your website content?

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Finding Your Brand's Voice: Part 2

The more regularly you practice writing, the easier it will get and the more defined your brand's voice will become. You'll start by mimicking others, but over time, your true voice will emerge as you learn to get cozy in your own brand's skin. My weekly blog posts have been priceless for helping my own growth in this area.

Since blogging is a longer form of writing, it can seem pretty daunting and it's hard to know where to begin. What's helped me is to follow the same steps each time, which makes the writing process a whole lot smoother. I'm sharing these steps with you in the hopes that it will help you jump in and start honing your own voice. Now let's dig in!

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Finding Your Brand's Voice: Part 1

There's no question that the right logo and visual identity are essential to your brand. They're the first thing your customers see—that all too critical first impression. But they aren't everything.

Even the most visually stunning brand will feel hollow without the right content and voice behind it. Crafting that compelling tone is essential to effective communication for your brand, and today I'm here to share tips on that very topic.

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